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World Wide Customers

There is more to delivering excellence in the world of plastics than just manufacturing capabilities that make available the right molds and machines. It takes dedication, to painstakingly get to a customer’s unique needs. It takes ethics to deliver the exact quality and value that has been promised. It takes relationship building to develop a network that delivers optimal value of service on set timelines to match the price lines in an extremely competitive field of the mold industry. It is a combination of all these factors that has enabled Bonhomie to build successful relationships with plastic manufacturers in over 30 countries.

Thanks to our wide network in international sourcing, technical expertise, coupled with over 30 years of experience in the mould industry, our clients have been able to access the most sought after destinations like India and China.

We have offered our Mold solutions to our esteemed clients in the following countries:
Argentina Romania Dubai Senegal
Bolivia Slovenia Saudi Arabia Nigeria
Brazil Greece Jordon Ghana
Colombia Spain Lebanon South Africa
Haiti Poland   Tanzania
Guatemala     Madagascar
Mexico     Malawi
Peru     Mauritius
Venezuela     Seychelles
Uruguay     Kenya