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Manufacturing of House ware Molds

House ware products are the most common and fast selling products in the market. We can develop almost any mould in the House ware plastics category. The most commonly developed moulds include Laundry basket mould, Bucket mould, Basin mould, Kitchen Bowl mould, Dustbin mould, Flower pot moulds, Mop bucket mould, Pedal bin mould, Dish Rack mould, Kitchen basket mould etc.

Our modern use of advanced technologies and services of experienced industry engineer and professionals enable us to manufacture superior quality molds for house ware products. With the changing nature of products we offer excellent product designs with reduced weights to ensure our customers to be the most competitive and thus become leaders in the House ware market.

Ideally for most house ware moulds we suggest P20 steel or 718 steel depending on the production requirements and material type.

Measuring article size and ensuring the product can be produced in the ideal machine is important. Increasing the cavities for a small product and running them on a larger machine can be a good option however several factors need to be considered before planning such a mould. The mould structure and future moulding cycles are calculated by our experts and only then we offer the right solution.

Injection moulds required for such products demand high quality steel, optimal quality cooling systems and quality spares to increase the life of the molds. We consider basic principles in mould technology such as analysing the structure plates, ejection system, requirement of hot runner or cold runner, avoiding ejection marks, measuring thickness and placement of the cooling lines for achieving great quality in house ware moulds. The products are made of Polypropylene and require very good surface polishing.

Hardness control: The hardness of the molds without doubt should be at least 35 - 40 HRC.

Mould delivery time: These are relatively easier compared to other complex or large sized moulds, some of our moulds have been developed even in 25 days. Depending on the complexity and type of product we can promise the fastest delivery possible from our end.

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